To find IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) *#06#
    Restores Factory Settings..(Memory, language, counters not included) *#7780#
    For checking the phone's software (SW) - called firmware revision information *#3110#
    To check if the Sim-Clock can be Stopped (Sim-clock-stop is a kind of standby mode which will save battery time) *#746025625# [*#sim0clock#]
    Phone asks 'warranty code:' *#92702689# [*#war0anty#]
    Displays the Month and Year of Manufacture 6232 (OK)
    Displays Serial Number 9268 (OK)
    Displays the date of the last repairment - if found 7332 (OK)
    Displays (if found) the date where the phone was purchased 7832 (OK)
    Set the Purchasing Date MMYY (This date can be set only once!) 37832 (OK)
    Transfers ALL phone numbers, Logo's, and ringtones from other gsm phones 87267 (OK)


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